What's the experience like?

A balloon flight is like no other experience, so it is difficult to describe adequately. The entire flight is very peaceful and passive; with little sense of motion or movement. Because we are moving with the wind, there is virtually no breeze to be felt or heard. From the stillness of our wicker basket you'll take on a new appreciation for the beauty around you - as you watch birds in flight below you, and as you discover the horizons from an altogether new perspective. You've simply got to experience hot air ballooning to understand what we mean.
When do we fly?
We fly two flights per day, seven days per week, weather permitting. These flights are at sunrise and approximately two hours before sunset. This is when the winds are generally the calmest. Once you have booked and scheduled your flight we will maintain close contact with you to insure the best possible flight window. If weather conditions are not right, then we will reschedule your flight to the next available time.  Our primary flying season is April through October.
How long does it last?
From the time we meet until we return, your balloon adventure will last approximately 2 1/2 hours, with an actual flight duration of about 45 minutes to one hour. Following the flight is our traditional champagne and hors d'oeuvres reception. Non-alcoholic beverages are also provided.
What should I wear?
For most comfort we suggest casual clothes for outdoor activities. Footwear such as sneakers, or deck shoes are recommended. Dress for the outside temperature and bring a light sweater or jacket for after the flight.
Where does the flight take us?
Since we go where the wind takes us, we cannot predict with absolute certainty where we will land. That's part of the adventure! But experience has taught us well, and we know the local geography so that we always choose a launch site that will assure suitable landing sites, yet keep us as close to the river as possible. 
How do we get back to where we start?
Every balloon flight has a chase crew which assists with inflation and follows the balloon in flight by truck and by two-way radio. They help with packing up the balloon and returning the passengers and pilot back to the starting point. Our crew remains in constant contact with us during the flight, both visually and by radio, so they know where we are at all times. 
How about cameras?
Be sure to bring your camera and lots of film to record the entire experience. The balloons themselves are very colorful, and you'll want to take pictures during the setup and inflation process as well as during the flight. Video cameras are also welcome. And if you have an extra camera, give it to our ground crew so they can take some pictures of you in flight as they chase us by car.
We're in love. Can we get married in a hot air balloon over the Thousand Islands?
Believe it or not, we accommodate many such requests each year, and have several Justices of the Peace upon whom we can rely for such events. We can even arrange for your entourage to follow by balloon or with our chase crews, for an informal reception as the new bride and groom come back to Earth after the ceremony in the sky. The 1000 Islands as viewed from a hot air balloon is the perfect setting for any wedding.
Who is the pilot?
Our staff, Ken Griswold, Amy McCausland-Griswold, Ron Peterson and Peter Griswold, consists of FAA commercially rated pilots. They combine for over 3500 hours in hot air balloons and over 15,000 hours of total flight time as Ken and Peter fly jet airplanes.  Ken additionally flies helicopters as well. 

All of our pilots are experienced balloon flight instructors as well.


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